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An estimated firefighters and 47 pieces of equipment were on hand to fight the fire. There was a concern about drums of dangerous chemicals in the mill, including pound propane gas tanks.

LIHI certifies Worumbo - International Water Power

However, the roughly 50 workers in the building safely evacuated without injury. Several firefighters were treated for exhaustion and smoke inhalation. Local shopkeepers brought them food and drink, some delivering it in shopping carts. Once the skylights shattered, the building would have been turned into a chimney, spewing burning debris all over town. Fortunately, according to Bubier, the town was no longer reliant on the Worumbo Mill for jobs, and thanks to efforts by the many firefighters in Lisbon Falls that day, the downtown was saved.

The white mill, which was most recently owned by Miller Industries, stood for many years until it was demolished last summer. The property is now for sale.

  1. Worumbo Mill flood, Lisbon Falls, 1936.
  2. USAmerika, lost country, big fake, III. world country: Was Sie schon immer an den USA zweifeln liess, Sie aber nicht wagten zu denken (German Edition).
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  4. LIHI Certificate #10 - Worumbo Hydroelectric Project | Low Impact Hydropower Institute.

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Worumbo Mill

About the Book. Jack Wilding has a gift.

The young newspaper reporter can hear the thoughts of his fellow man, random snippets that come to him unbidden. But this blossoming psychic ability brings Jack no joy. Some thoughts, he will find, were not meant to be shared. Meanwhile, an intelligence group with grim secrets is desperate to contain the damage.


Things have gone wrong with experiments in mind control and now a young reporter is asking questions. It's a race for the truth about what really happened inside Worumbo Mill all those years ago. As the voices inside his head turn to screams, Jack Wilding will discover that his own past may be a lie.

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  • Based on real CIA experiments with mind-control, Worumbo is a nerve-rattling look at a part of our history as dark and dangerous as the old mills that haunt the Maine landscape.