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My grandmother passed away February 25, My life has been so messed up and full of tears, for she was more of a mother since I was toddler until my first graduation. Unfortunately, she never lived to see her first efforts in my success journey. If I can go back in time, she would be here today. My grandmother was my heart and my angel. I am the luckiest gal.

Today I'll conquer the world with you watching me from above. I owe my success to God and you, Grandy. Smile from heaven. I miss you every day of my life. My grandmother passed away yesterday. I am still in shock. She meant world to me. Whenever she held my hand I would forget all of my problems. She used to treat me as her little baby.

I remember her walking to temple in the morning to her falling sick. Even when she got sick and when she was on her death bed she asked if I was okay. I still cannot believe this. We used to spend very much time together. Now that she is gone I cannot believe that she will never be there to hold my hand again and to address me as her little baby. She was the most beautiful lady in world. When she was fit she used to feed me from her hands and bathe me.

She had a short height but a heart with the biggest size. I don't know how much time I will take to mourn her, but I know two things: she won't come back, and I will never forget her from my heart. She not only loved me but also loved her 8 grandchildren. But I was so lucky that I was able to spend my youth with her. Her only legacy is what she taught me, and she always remained happy. My grandma's birthday is today, April 1. She passed away last month, March 1, 30 days from turning My grandma was my everything to me.

She was wise and such a beautiful person and still made me laugh. I miss her so much, but I know her children, husband and some grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were called home before her are truly rejoicing. I was always excited because I knew I was going to see her. To take that ride knowing she isn't there? Well that's going to take a while. I will take what she taught me and apply it to my life. If nothing else, I will always keep God first in my life. Pray about everything, worry about nothing.

Love you, Grandma! My grandmother, Since she is dead, I miss her a lot. I miss her hugs, I miss her smile, I miss her.

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You left me in this planet alone. I want to have fun with you. Come and take me. I'm so sad. I'm so lost without you.

May your beautiful soul rest in peace. Grandma, Now that you've gone away, please don't forget that we're are still here. We seem to get a little outta control when you're not around.

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Your presence is what I'll miss the most around here. Grandma, please continue to keep an eye on me.

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I know there will be many more mistakes I'll be making, but talking to you always gets me through. You know I never thanked you for listening, Grandma. Thanks for all that sound advice you have. You know what, I think I'll be alright, simply because I know you're always listening.

Grandma, we must talk like this again.

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See you later Grandma, I love you. It's funny, I grew up without a father and mother. They were there but not emotionally and mentally. My grandmother was more of a parent to me. She molded me, taught me; she was everything. She passed away a few years ago. All I have of her are memories and pictures I took of us. Nothing physically I can touch. It's all in my heart and locked in my memories. I still cry at the thought of her.

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I still cry when I see old people walking. I still cry when I see a granddaughter and grandmother laughing, walking, hugging, or even talking. I miss her so much.

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It's like a rainy, foggy day when she comes to my mind. I feel so lost and alone.

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The loneliness inside me is unbearable. A lover, my own mother, my own brother, or father cannot replace the love that only she gave. And gave it so perfectly that it's so hard to find. And hard to receive again. The last time I visited her, I didn't know it would be the last. I woke up and she forgot me. She forgot me.