Travelers of the Slipstream (Space Series Book 1)

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Adventure Sci-Fi. Comedy Drama Fantasy. Xchange Sci-Fi Thriller. Hollywood Flies Crime Drama. Johnny Was Action Crime Drama. Icebreaker Action Drama. Chrome Angels Action Sci-Fi.

Slipstream space

Night at the Golden Eagle Paycheck Action Mystery Sci-Fi. Blast - Dem Terror entkommt niemand Action Comedy Thriller. Sumuru Adventure Sci-Fi Fantasy. Earthfall TV Movie Action Adventure Drama. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Sean Astin Stuart Conway Ivana Milicevic Sarah Tanner Vinnie Jones Winston Briggs Kevin Otto Jake Hallman Victoria Bartlett Gillian Thorsten Wedekind Cam Hakeem Kae-Kazim Runson Grant Swanby Tokin Verity Price Margaret - Bank Teller Chantal Lambert Sigrid - Bank Manager Patrick Lyster Hooks Andrew Whaley Negotiator Sean Higgs Bus Driver Tamsin MacCarthy Air Stewardess Eve Szapira Edit Storyline A scientist plots a bank robbery based around his newest invention -- a time travel gadget that will send its user 10 minutes into the past.

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Language: English. Runtime: 89 min. Sound Mix: Dolby Digital. Color: Color. Edit Did You Know?

What is Slipstream?

However, when Time Travel Sci Fi is coupled with Alternate History Sci Fi, the discussion of ideas and social implications can be serious and engaging. Characters can be well developed so that readers are invested in the character, resulting in the suspension of disbelief. However, characters can also be relatively underdeveloped and merely a way to describe and see a new past or future world. Time travelling, especially to the past, can result in complex plots full of excitement.

When moving through time, changing events, and postulating possible outcomes, plot becomes the core of any Time Travel story. Alternate History. Alternate History Sci Fi can take place when someone travels through the timeline and changes something, resulting in an alternate version of history. Parallel Worlds.

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One version of Parallel Worlds Sci Fi creates a parallel world when an event is changed in the past and a new, parallel timeline is created resulting in two timelines. Speculative Fiction. Because time travel can be seen as unscientific, time travel stories become speculative--stories that explore a what if without scientific grounding.

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Pulp Sci Fi. Pulp Sci Fi writers have a history of employing time machine devices in their stories and exploring the melodramatic potential of time travel. By Ray Bradbury. An example of time tourism, this novel is the source of the phrase, "butterfly effect" because a butterfly dies and the traveller's future is altered.

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By Poul Anderson. Groups of time travellers fight one another along streams of time. Follow a time traveller into an alien-like future Earth to witness the consequences of humanity's social and biological choices and evolution. By William Wallace Cook. A sarcastic account of an accumulation of time travellers around the millennial year and an example of a pulp writer combining pulp and time travel. By Robert P. A novel that takes place on another planet where the weather can effect time. By Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

By Don DeDillo. Satirical and mesmerizing, this novel has a strong post-modern sensibility and a strong artificiality.

Did you know?

By Steve Erickson. Anything by Erickson is an example of Slipstream. In this novel figuring out what is real is near impossible. By Stanislaw Lem. This book is a collection of stories that take place in a far distant future populated by robots. The stories are sometimes fantasy with a sense of humour and a dash of satire.

go By Rupert Thomson This novel creates a world much like our own, but somehow different and explores ideas of identity, fear, and change. By Marge Piercy. A feminist classic, this novel examines a utopia through the eyes of a woman who can communicate with the future. By Kelly Link and Gavin Grant. Short fiction is a breeding ground for Slipstream stories and this collection puts together unexpected and fantastic examples. By Jorge Luis Borges. A collection of long and short stories that are magical, gritty, and haunting.

Borges is a pillar of Slipstream fiction. By China Mieville. This author writes fantasy and the best example of slipstream fantasy , but his works could be considered under the Science Fiction realm of Slipstream too. Slipstream Science Fiction Comments crowdlist. Contact us www. Visit our Forum Want to talk fantasy? Other Features of Slipstream. Level of Real Science Low. Level of Characterization Variable. Level of Plot Complexity Variable. Level of Violence Variable.