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Typical internal-direction cultures include Israel, the U. The advantage of Hofstede's model is that his research included only employees from one organization — IBM — so his findings are unlikely to be affected by differences in company culture.

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The disadvantage is that the culture of this company may skew more general results. The model says that what distinguishes people from one culture compared with another is where their preferences fall on each of the following seven dimensions:. You can use the model to understand people from different cultural backgrounds better, so that you can work with them more effectively, and prevent misunderstandings.

Be sensible in how you apply the model. Treat people as individuals, and remember that there are many factors that will have a bearing on how you communicate and interact with other people. This site teaches you the skills you need for a happy and successful career; and this is just one of many tools and resources that you'll find here at Mind Tools.

Subscribe to our free newsletter , or join the Mind Tools Club and really supercharge your career! Expert Interviews Audio Forums Infographics. Quizzes Templates and Worksheets Videos. For Your Organization. By the Mind Tools Content Team. Many of us work routinely with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Finding This Article Useful? Subscribe to Our Newsletter Receive new career skills every week, plus get our latest offers and a free downloadable Personal Development Plan workbook. Read our Privacy Policy. Note 1: For each dimension, we've included some of the national cultures that Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner identified as having a preference at each extreme of that particular dimension.

Note 2: The cultural dimensions don't take into account people's personal experiences or differences between sub-cultures within the country, so bear this in mind when you're applying the model.

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Note 3: Be sensible in how you apply these strategies. Individualism versus communitarianism. Specific versus diffuse. Neutral versus emotional. Achievement versus ascription. Sequential time versus synchronous time. Internal direction versus outer direction. Add this article to My Learning Plan. Mark article as Complete. Show Ratings Hide Ratings. Rate this resource.

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Find Out More. Comments 22 Over a month ago Michele wrote. Hi Elif, Based on your knowledge of Brazil's culture, what do you think? Do they have an internal or external locus of control? Michele Mind Tools Team.

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Over a month ago Elif wrote. Hi, I was wondering if Brazil is a typical internal-direction culture or a external-direction culture! Hope to hear from you asap. Over a month ago Michele wrote. Hi shemmakaa, Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate hearing it. Please wait People place a high importance on laws, rules, values, and obligations. They try to deal fairly with people based on these rules, but rules come before relationships.

Help people understand how their work ties into their values and beliefs. Provide clear instructions, processes, and procedures. Keep promises and be consistent. Give people time to make decisions. Use an objective process to make decisions yourself, and explain your decisions if others are involved.

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Depending on use, they should last between and times. Today, modern application security replaces the typically predefined interactions in the software lifecycle with more frequent interations that increase dialogue, collaboration and efficiency.

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How do organizations re-organize cyber security to support this interaction, either through staffing, automation or clever methodological work-arounds? An agile friendly cyber department needs to increase its understanding of modern software development dynamics and techniques It's not rare today to see cyber departments hiring software developers possessing a strong understanding of modern dynamics and training them in cyber security. Some digital native organizations are going even further by hiring CISOs with a development background or promoting CISOs from their development ranks.

How do organizations incorporate this modern development into the cyber security team? Cyber friendly software development is needed for effective cyber security to flourish Software development teams need to incorporate cyber security throughout their organizational structure and strategic initiatives. It's similarly important for development teams and cyber security professionals to bridge the gap between them. How do organizations ensure siloes are broken down and collaboration is at the center of everything they do?

Autonomous development teams and high automation may pose a segregation-of-duties challenge if not properly designed In a siloed, stage-gate process - in which each software development stage is separated by a so called 'gate' requiring approvals before development moves to the next stage - segregation of duties SOD is easy: those who develop do not certify production readiness and those who deploy do not develop.

This strict separation of duties frequently creates prioritization and agenda conflicts between siloed development teams and security professionals. Continuous, rapid delivery may require tradeoffs A key capability in delivering software successfully is reducing batch size so that new releases can happen more often. A challenge for organizations is the level of acceptable production risk allowed in favor of a faster release.

Doing so may look risk friendly from a traditional perspective but poses both a technical and organizational challenge to the modern cyber organization. Increasing cloud usage poses a moving security target A pure DevOps organization will tend to make heavy use of cloud capabilities, creating a 'moving target' in terms of security infrastructure. As applications scale up or down to meet user demand, the lifespan of infrastructure may be significantly shorter than that of traditional hosts in a data center. The challenge is that the cost can be higher than traditional virtual hosts, creating a different class of organizational risk.

Flow - the need for continuous participation versus discrete control points With the acceleration of development practices, security teams must adopt strategies that meet increased throughput. Security should provide flexibility that empowers developers to focus on product delivery without compromising acceptable organizational risk. Secure development evangelism - the need for security skills on construction teams Although organizations can implement any number of new tools or processes, a strong change-management system is crucial to ensuring successful adoption.

Delivery mindset - educating cyber security teams on agile principles Just as it is crucial to promote the importance of security organization-wide, the security team must also understand the full impact of an agile approach. The security function must integrate itself as a vital partner to the organization and its diverse teams.

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