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While helping research this article, the author's roommate spent an afternoon in that paranoid state one might have after seeing a horror movie alone late at night. The phone would vibrate, she'd jump in surprise, and then check to make sure it was someone she knew calling her before she answered. There are a lot of scary stories out there about smartphone stalking and people stealing your personal information.

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Potential stalkers have two primary ways they can track you via your smartphone. One way is through social engineering, which requires little or no technical expertise.

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You could be voluntarily giving away personal information or access to your smartphone to someone you know or who gains your trust. If that person chooses, he or she can exploit that information to track where you are and what you're doing, even if you don't want to be tracked. Another way stalkers can track you is to steal information from your smartphone. To be fair, she says, she was already having doubts about her worldview before talking to Jonathan.

And also, I started to feel a little arrogant, because these people had thousands of years of cultural history and wisdom. And here I was with my or-so-year-old religion telling them to just throw that all away for this. But it was Jonathan who made her directly confront her beliefs. The deep conversations continued.

And on a trip back to North America, she finally met Jonathan, and they became physically intimate. She says there was something that "propelled" her to this "point of no return. And my religion is not one that you can just slink out of, especially given the position I was in. I was a pioneer missionary; I was married to an elder; I was in this foreign land, there for preaching.

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If I just tried to walk away, it doesn't work like that. People aren't going to be, like, 'Oh, what happened to Amber?

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Declared an apostate, Scorah was shunned by her husband, friends, family and the majority of her community. It didn't work out with Jonathan either. You know, people always say they want their life to change, but they don't change their life because they're afraid of loss.

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You can't have one without the other. At the end of her memoir, the narrative takes a sharp turn. Scorah moves to New York, falls in love, has a son.

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Then she suffers a different kind of trauma. On the very first day of sending her son to day care, he dies suddenly , hours after she had left him there.

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He was 3 months old. But as far as just finding meaning — it's interesting, because when I was a Jehovah's Witness, we had the answers to all life's disturbing questions, including: What happens when someone dies? Why would an innocent child die? Why would God allow that to happen? But the reality is And I think mostly, I think it has to do with other people, and with love.

That's what's brought meaning to life again for me.