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With just six kids, the researchers analyzed the transcripts, more than of them, as their unit of analysis. Overall, there were more than 3, causal how and why questions such as, "Why my tummy so big, mom?

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Results showed kids were more than twice as likely to re-ask their question after a non-explanation compared with a real answer. And when they did get an explanation, which was about 37 percent of the time, they were more than four times as likely to reply with a follow-up inquiry as if they had received a non-explanatory response. Preliminary results from a separate new study of Frazier's suggest there is such a thing as too much information in a response. The items were designed to create surprising, question-provoking situations.

For instance, kids were shown a box of all-red crayons, a puzzle with a piece that didn't fit, and a storybook describing a child who poured orange juice on his cereal. The adults who showed kids each item had certain explanatory and non-explanatory responses.

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So as expected, kids asked about the orange-juice scenario: "Why did he do that? They found significant differences in types of reactions to the explanatory answers versus the non-explanatory ones. Nearly 30 percent of the time kids would agree, nod or say "oh" after getting a true explanation, compared with just under 13 percent of the time for non-explanations.

Brothers and sisters I have none but this man's father is my father's son. Who is the man? What is greater than God, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it, you'll die? Who makes it, has no need of it. Who buys it, has no use for it. Who uses it can neither see nor feel it. What is it?

The Assumptions of Light Travel-time Arguments

You can drop me from the tallest building and I'll be fine, but if you drop me in water I die. What am I?

Paul's height is six feet, he's an assistant at a butcher's shop, and wears size 9 shoes. What does he weigh? There was a green house. Inside the green house there was a white house. Inside the white house there was a red house. Inside the red house there were lots of babies.

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Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening? If you have me, you want to share me. If you share me, you haven't got me. A man is pushing his car along the road when he comes to a hotel. He shouts, "I'm bankrupt! What is as light as a feather, but even the world's strongest man couldn't hold it for more than a minute? What occurs once in every minute, twice in every moment, yet never in a thousand years? In "The Hobbit" by J. Tolkien, there are several hard riddles that Gollum and Bilbo ask each other.

Alive without breath, As cold as death; Never thirsty, ever drinking, All in mail never clinking. Voiceless it cries, Wingless flutters, Toothless bites, Mouthless mutters. A box without hinges, key, or lid, Yet golden treasure inside is hid. What has roots as nobody sees, Is taller than trees.

Up, up, up it goes, And yet never grows? Here are a few hard riddles that appeared in the Batman movies - usually Riddler asking Bruce Wayne. If you look at the number on my face you won't find thirteen anyplace. The eight of us go forth not back to protect our king from a foes attack. There are three men in a boat with four cigarettes but no matches. How do they manage to smoke?

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We'll float like a butterfly, sting like a bee And leave you suckers black and blue Though when we're in action we usually bleed That's who we are, that's what we do We do it for kicks and we do it for thrills When boredom makes you lose your mind But mostly we do it to pay off the bills We hope that you can read the sign Now give us our headgear or give us a punch So we can hang around with you You'd best wear protection alongside our bunch Although you might be called a prude.

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We're leaving the bay Harpooning whoever might stand in our way! A metal tube quite long and thin My function seems surreal Along my body coming in I'm bringing quite a reel Just cast me out into the waves And leave me standing tall I'll bring in catches that you crave Unless I'm foiled by squalls To find the perfect spot, explore Shun ghosts, avoid the snow It's best if you can monitor What's going on below I'll try to grab you with a hook And lines that hold you tight Designed to draw a longing look Be careful should you bite. My buddies and I were inseparable mates Til one by one were we split My teacher, she gave me a smack on the pate And off in the corner I sit Admittedly still I'm not hitting the books Though now I'm hugging a tree I guess in the end it's not bad as it looks I went from a C to a B.

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