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The police are equipped with military equipment and expected to act like prison guards instead of the lightly armed law enforcement of the past. Police officer Friendly is now prison guard Unfriendly. Using the two sets as if they were the same year, which is problematic, true had worse numbers than and who knows what actually was?

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Unfortunately, I cannot find anything with both the detail and the apparent attempts at accuracy as I have with the Guardian. Total police homicides of the unarmed for the U. Total police homicides of the gun armed in the U. Many of those armed either had the weapon in their pocket, glove compartment, drawer, etc not their hand or it was often walking stick, flashlight, peppers spray, pocket knife, etc.

California considers restricting when police can use deadly force

Very occasionally it is an actual baseball bat or a real knife. There is also the issue of the poor or working class having their tools like knives, or multi-tool, which can be very handy in a warehouse, the trades, or some other jobs. Despite the improvements, the figures are still not completely reliable. There are departments massaging the instances of crime into different categories.

In some places the weapons are found strangely late, or far away, and murders of the unnoticed homeless, sex workers, the mentally ill become suicides to improve homicide statistics, which is one of the reasons serial killers sometimes are missed. Or the rape kits that are not tested or are tested decades later, which means a lot of rapists also go unnoticed.

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I could also add the decline of autopsies which means a lot of murders also slip away. What people say about crime going up or down, either in total, or in different categories might be inaccurate.

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Absolutely zero people in gated communities get this treatment. If the differences between states are really that large, it would seem to suggest that culture and training of state police forces is a big part of the equation.

I have trouble coming up with any possible justification for why lethal force should be x more common in Los Angeles than New York, for example. They are different, but not that different. Not to mention some of the police departments like Santa Rosa using the roads for profit or the more northern departments with issues of violence. The police departments really are that different with the differences of populations not fully explaining the differences.

Suspect its that land is small for its city size. I sometimes hear that merely having guns in the society gives some justification for the abundance of homicidal fear by the police.

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It is an excuse. I am not worried about being shot and I do not have body armor and a gun. Why should I as most of the country is quite safe. Even the gun crazy areas. Very often anyone not in law enforcement would face charges of murder or man slaughter under the circumstances of when the police usually do shot. Why should the average American be facing life imprisonment or execution when using the same situation, nothing happens to the police officer?

Hong Kong police use lethal force against protesters

Yeah I agree with all that. Not making a moral argument or defending murderous cops or US justice system in any kinda way. Canada would be a better comparison is all. Lots of guns in Mexico too. Both have very different law enforcement practices than the US and each other. There are serious training issues of course but I think the screening is an even bigger problem. There seems to be too many weirdos and paranoids aspiring to this difficult profession. As the decades long drug war went along the bar had to be lowered. Also, the militarism increased dramatically because the drug WAR made everyone a suspect.

Despite the signing and approval of the Peace Agreement in , there have been hundreds of reports concerning the murder of civil society leaders. In short, the official information is not complete or reliable. As discussed earlier, the police are manipulating figures in an attempt to produce more favourable figures and removing case of homicides from the official record, even if they were part of operations that are carried out with legitimate use of force, in defence of the population. In Additionally, the existence of different armed groups, formal and informal, legal or illegal, that sometimes merge with each other and are hard to distinguish one from another, merits a more extensive analysis, especially given the difficulties of obtaining precise data and information that would make the situation in relation to the use of lethal force much clearer.

The Mexican case presents similar difficulties: in some cases there is no official information, and in other cases there is only incomplete, dispersed, patchy and incomplete and untrustworthy data, in a context of conflict, drug trafficking, war, a conflictual border and, allegations of thousands of disappearances without dead bodies, it is impossible to register these as homicides.

Despite the expansion of military logic , the logic of the federal system is that each state institution operates in isolation, in which the armed forces are neither accountable nor controlled by higher responsibilities. It seems that the efforts of independent research simply cannot calculate the extent or the real levels of the use of lethal force in this case.

For these reasons, is it likely that the data on both the Colombian and the Mexican cases are underrepresented comparatively. This is not to say that the Venezuelan case is not serious , but it is possible that the gap that separates it from these countries is smaller than the one presented in the report.

Transparency: there must be an accurate and detailed record of people killed and injured in incidents involving members of the State security forces. It is also essential that these data be disclosed regularly, so that it is possible to monitor the phenomenon and take, where appropriate, preventive or corrective measures.

Regulation of the force: there must be a specific and widely disseminated regulation that incorporates international standards on doctrine, equipment and training.

Military May Use Lethal Force on Civil Disturbances at Border - lanhavilre.ga

Venezuela has regulations in line with international principles but does not apply them, which demonstrates that it is not enough just to have good legislation, it is necessary, in addition, a separate institution to enforce them. Investigation of the incidents of lethal force: Each incidence of use of lethal force much be properly reported and thoroughly investigated. This will guarantee that the use of force is based in legal principals. Deaths caused by intervention from state security forces should initially be classified as a homicide, regardless of legality of the action, so that investigation can take place and determining the legality of the action based on legal reasoning and facts.

The investigation must not only consider the human rights violations but also the responsibilities of the chain of command. On the other hand, the possible victims, their relatives and witnesses must receive the protection of the State and, in cases where the crime is proven, they must receive adequate compensation. Monitoring and prevention measures: States must create and promote mechanisms for monitoring and preventing the abusive use of lethal force. A version of this article was published on efectococuyo. Read the original here. If you have any queries about republishing please contact us.

Please check individual images for licensing details. Projects Close Close Please type and press enter Submit. March 20, - San Salvador, El Salvador - An anti-riot police officer shoots rubber bullets to disperse a crowd during a protest. The mostly leaderless demonstrations came at a critical moment for Iraq, which has been caught in the middle of escalating tensions between the US and Iran - both allies of the Iraqi government. The mass gatherings started in Baghdad but quickly spread to the Shia heartland in the south, including the flashpoint city of Basra.

The government imposed a round-the-clock curfew and shut down the internet for days in a bid to quell the protests.

In a statement on Monday, Iraq's military acknowledged for the first time since the protests broke out that "excessive force" had been used. HRW also denounced the authorities' interference with the media and telecommunications, noting the government's obligation under international human rights law to protect the right to free speech and assembly.