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The warmth, the range of emotions, the life that powers her stories: all are right there in her reading, and the result is mesmeric. Her short stories throw you right in.

Always You Edina

The pace at the start at the novel, in which the fifty-year-old Bonnie Benson visits her year-old grandmother in a nursing home, is slower. And it is spellbinding.

by V G Lee

Edina herself is all about possibility, and a character larger than life who consequently guides the lives of others. The ones that love her, the ones that hate her: all are swept up in her wake.

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Lee tells you right at the start that Edina did not have long to live, and this makes her yet more mythic. Always You, Edina , is a coming of age story. It follows Bonnie through her school-life, with her struggles to be popular and yet also to stand out, which is of course a threat to that popularity. It is the idea of Aunt Edina that animates this process, from the strength of her personality through the allure of her lifestyle, and her neat, organised, sparkling house.

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This only increases the mystery and the magnetism of Aunt Edina. Lee has a great gift for naturalistic dialogue, even when the characters are putting on airs. She hides the scaffolding well, which is what a good writer should do.

And it is in the conversations that the emotion of the book lies. Always You, Edina , is deeply moving, and also deeply satisfying. In the tragedy there is life and there is hope.

Polari Magazine is an LGBT arts and culture magazine that explores the subculture by looking at what is important to the people who are in it. In cooperative structures hyperlink , pupils do not only achieve academic goals. It is also an excellent way to develop their social competences.

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  • They learn how to lead a group, how to moderate, how to take care of materials, how to respect the work of other pupils. At given moments in the week, you can choose to compose multi-age groups.

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    There is talk of co-teaching when several education professionals together support a group in an equivalent relationship over a period of time in a structured way in achieving a set of learning objectives. They do so in the same or adjoining areas. Co-teaching is a source of permanent professional development if the teachers who share their task also make time to consult together and to give each other feedback.

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    Co-teaching offers to pupils increased space for personal attention and feedback. There is room for differentiated instruction, changing alignment forms, increased attention for pupils with additional support needs and pupils who need to be extra challenged.

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    You can differentiate both in a divergent and a convergent way during the following three phases of the learning process:. Always think as a pilote. Starting from a growth mindset and a positive view on youngsters, you always focus on that goal. Then you decide which ay you will follow and you determine all of the aspects of the learning environment that are described above.

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    This illustration can helps you to visualise all of the possibilities that you have as a real pilote-teacher. Introduction One mindset that says it all Two types of differentiation Three relevant aspects of differentiation Four elements to create a powerful learning environment Five preconditions for good differentiation Six steps to create a differentiated lesson. Five preconditions for good differentiation.